Saturday, 23 March 2013

Sawaadeekaaa Surin!!

At the end of our stay in Surin, we've had an amazing week thanks to Roger and Za who have looked after us so well! They well truly have shown us the real Thailand!

This week have done 4 days work experience, Sophie was in Surin hospital in the labour ward while Megan taught English in a Thai school. It was an amazing experience we both saw new things such as Sophie saw many births and a c-section while Megan taught a class of children who didn't speak a word of English!

We visited a night market where we saw more food than we could have ever of imagined! We went to a green market where there was lots of beautful Thai silk and traditional Thai market stalls. As you can imagine we couldn't resist treating ourselves to a few things..

We visited the elephant village which was incredible! Never seen so many elephants in our lives (over 200 on one site!). We fell in love with them, they have such characters! We got picked up by elephants , rode on the back of one, showered with one and got covered in elephant goo and mud!
(see photo of Sophie's bum below)

Za has tried to give us a taste of all Thai cuisine. We never had the same dish twice however we didn't touch the surface! We're definitely not going to lose our Uganda podge here, the food is just too good!!

We also experienced our first Thai beauty treatments. We had massages, nails and eyebrows done all for less than £12!

We have had such a fantastic time, it's all down to Roger and Za! We'd especially like to thank them for doing our washing and taking some stuff back to the UK for us! (hehe)

Can't wait to get on with our backpacking, starting with 12+ hour coach journey to Chiang Mai tonight!

P.s sorry the photos are all jumbled, captionless and need rotating. We're using a phone app which is quite restricting, we hope you get the idea of what we've been up to!

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